Please NOTE: The product list and subscriptions portions of this website is under construction therefore, the prices, availability and descriptions may not accurate. Please do not order anything at this time. Check back soon our spring offerings. 

North Iowa Fresh, LLC. is an aggregator and online marketplace of locally grown and produced food. We make it possible for farmers to work together to meet the growing demand for local, sustainable food in the North Iowa area. Farmers benefit from the marketing, selling, packaging and delivering of their farm fresh produce. Our marketplace brings fresh, healthy, locally grown and produced food to you, the buyer, in a cost-effective manner on a weekly basis.

Ordering from North Iowa Fresh helps to build and support our community, and to preserve our precious agricultural land for future use.  

Since inception in 2014 NIF has been selling wholesale produce to local grocery stores and restaurants. If you are looking for our product please visit the following merchants: Simply Nourished (BeWellness, Clear Lake), and Hy-Vee West (Mason City). The following restaurants are also purchasing our local produce: Lauren's Lunchbox (BeWellness, Clear Lake), Cafe Mir (Fertile), 1910 Grille (Mason City) and periodically Taste/Piggyback Smoke Shack (Osage). Quantity and variety of products which are available vary by season. If you don't see what you're looking for be sure to let the produce managers know. 

What's Available?

We're working on the 2019 Bounty Box plan which will be offered to participating business sites and we will also be distributing to public pick up sites in Clear Lake and Mason City (and possibly other surrounding towns depending on demand).

Please Contact Andrea for details or if your business would like more information about how to get involved. 

Summary of 2018 Bounty Box CSA

In 2018 we are piloted a work-site Community Supported Agriculture Program (CSA).  Watch our 1-minute promo VIDEO to learn more. 

The following business participated in the program and their employees received weekly deliveries of fresh produce and locally baked bread (from Crumbs Bakeshop - Clear Lake) to their offices, in support of workplace wellness:

If your work-site would like more information about joining this program please CONTACT US!

Simply Nourished in Clear Lake (18 N 3rd St, east of city park) also offered pick up at their store. Individual households are encourage to reach out to us if they would like more information about this opportunity. View our 2018 brochuresign-up sheetbread schedule and FAQ Sheet by clicking these links. More information about 2019 will be coming soon.

2018 Bounty Newsletter Links

Week 1  (Welcome to the Bounty, Rhubarb, Asparagus, Carrots)  --  Week 2 (DMS Inc. Rhubarb, Asparagus, Pak Choi) --  Week 3  (One Step at at Time Gardens, Kale, Basil, Tomatoes) -- Week 4 (Andrea Evelsizer/North Iowa Fresh, Kohlrabi, Tomatoes, Green Onions) -- Week 5 (Prairie Sky Farm, Chard, Garlic Scapes) -- Week 6 (Fertile Valley Gardens, Garlic Scapes, Radishes and Green Onions) -- Week 7 (Maple Grove Farm, Green Beans, Zucchini) -- Week 8 (One Vision, Zucchini, Potatoes) -- Week 9 (Reiff Farmstand, Corn, Onions) -- Week 10 (Cafe Mir, Green Peppers, Garlic) -- Week 11 (Crumbs Bakeshop, Eggplant, Zucchini) -- Week 12 (Jessi Myers/Farmers Market Week, Eggplant, Cantaloupe) -- Week 13 (Sarah Tweeten/North Iowa Farmers Market, Cauliflower, Pablano Peppers) -- Week 14 (Simply Nourished, Cauliflower, Zucchini) -- Week 15 (Furleigh's Farm, Green Beans, Peppers) -- Week 16 (Fieldhouse Restaurant, Cabbage, Chives) -- Week 17 (Marie Boyd/North Iowa Local Food Coalition, Butternut Squash, Kohlrabi), Week 18 (Martin's Farm Fresh, Kohlrabi, Buttercup Squash) -- Week 19 (Cardinal Prairie Farm, Acorn Squash, Sweet Potatoes, Salad Turnips) -- Week 20 (1910 Grille, Leeks, Potatoes, Carrots) -- Week 21 (Site host-CLB&T, Leeks, Lettuce, Kohlrabi) -- Week 22 (Thank You! Broccoli, Radishes, Acorn Squash, Kale) -- Thanksgiving Storage Share (Tips on Eating Local During The Off- Season, Brussel Sprouts, Beets, Buttercup Squash), Winter Storage Share (Kale, Brussel Sprouts, Garlic, Potatoes and Butternut Squash)

Wholesale buyers: 

To pre-view what we have available this week click the "Meet Your Producers" menu and select a producer. Each producer's current listing will be at the bottom of the page.

We're growing and so is our product list. Check the website weekly for new items.

To place orders you'll require a log in so please contact us for more information. Currently we are only serving wholesale customers (grocery stores, restaurants, institutions, etc.) but check back soon for direct to consumer options.

CUSTOMERS! Would you prefer to buy fresh healthy food from local farmers? Please use the CONTACT US tab to inquire about becoming a North Iowa Fresh customer.

PRODUCERS! Are you a local farmer looking for an opportunity to reach out to our community? Please use theCONTACT UStab to inquire about becoming a North Iowa Fresh producer.


To connect our producers and buyers, bring local, fresh, and nutritional products to market, and support the sustainability of local producers.



Participating producers are interested in building strong connections between local food producers and North Iowa communities.  It is important to our producers that the foods are produced with sustainable practices that demonstrate good stewardship of our environment.



Our commitment to quality is an assurance that you can count on. Our producers are committed to raising and delivering the very best farm fresh, locally grown products. Because our producers are all from North Iowa, our products are harvested at peak maturity, providing you with top flavor and nutrition. Food safety is a top priority for producers and buyers alike. All of our producers have food safety training. North Iowa Fresh provides annual food safety training to all producer members.