Red Rooster Ranch Market (NIFM)
Contact: Mervin Beachy
Address: 1247 430th St St. Ansgar, IA, 50472
Email Address:
Phone: 641-381-0054
About Us
We are Mervin and Cherlyn Beachy. Our small farm is located just a few miles west of St. Ansgar, Iowa. On our farm, we use sustainable methods, focusing especially on healthy, balanced soil. We are passionate about providing folks with real food packed with nutrition. Ask us about our methods we'll be happy to tell you the details!

We raise grass-fed beef, all-natural pork and pastured chicken. This is processed according to USDA guidelines and sold direct to consumer. We also have eggs from pastured laying hens. We grow strawberries, cut flowers, and a wide array of vegetables.

Our family includes three little children who delight in being outdoors, spending time with our animals and eating good food that they have helped to raise.