Purple Ribbon Beef (A-La-Carte Producer)
Contact: Pete Hunter
Address: 1788 200th Street Clarion, IA, 50525
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About Us
Purple Ribbon Beef is family owned business located in Clarion, Iowa that has been in the beef industry for 4 generations. Pete and Cindy Hunter along with their daughters and son-in-law are owners. Both Pete and Cindy grew up on family farms with cattle and developed a lifelong passion for showing and raising cattle. As they raised their two daughters, Sara and Ashley, they passed their passion and love for the farm on to them. Their daughters grew up active in 4-H and FFA and showing cattle all across the nation. The girls worked hard, became very competitive and showed many state and national champions. Therefore, Purple Ribbon Beef was created to bring family owned premium beef to directly to your table.
Their goal is simple, produce the best beef you’ve ever had, using the highest quality standards and sustainable farming practices. All the cattle are raised and fed on their family farm, making them age and source verified. Additionally, all animals are fed corn, some of which has been raised from the farm site. None of the cattle are given hormones, however every animal does naturally produce hormones so the animals are not hormone free . Quality of care is important, therefore the cattle are not continuously fed antibiotics but if an animal is sick they are treated with antibiotics at the time, just as we go to the doctor and receive medicine when we are sick. All the meat is processed locally and dry ages for 14 days at the locker to ensure the freshest quality meat to the consumer's’ table. As a result of paying extra attention to all the details throughout the entire process from when the animal is born until it reaches the consumer’s plate, customers are saying “this is the best beef I have ever had!”