Bailey's Sweet Corn
Address: 7326 210th St. Clear Lake, , 50428
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Phone: 641-529-7265
Sweet corn was grown on ground that was previously grass we plowed under, in the fall of 2015, to make field for corn. The seed supplier does not sell GMO seeds, with the exception of a seedless watermelon seed, which we do not have on site. All weed control is mechanical or done by hand. WE USE NO HERBICIDES OR PESTICIDES ON CROP. Side dressing of the corn was done with the use of blood meal a dried blood product high in nitrogen as the fertilizer, locally sourced from Mason City By-Products. All of the equipment used is bought, built, or modified by us for our needs. We produce corn that is raised naturally and taken care of by hand. We use a refrigerated truck for transport and storage of corn. Corn will be chilled down immediately after picking, to protect the flavor and extend life. Our corn will be sold in dozen quantities and placed in paper sacks, which let product breathe and help our corn maintain excellent eating qualities.