Prairie Sky Farm
Contact: Bob and Sara Pearson
Address: 2505 220th Avenue Wesley, IA, 50483
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About Us
Prairie Sky Farm has been in the family since 1889. Currently, the farm produces vegetables, soybeans, corn, oats, alfalfa, and grass pasture on 40 acres that are certified organic through Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA). An additional 120 acres of farmland are currently undergoing the three-year transition to being certified organic. Eight Angus-Hereford cow-calf pairs and bull are also part of the farm for direct-marketing shares of beef and are an important component to success of the farm’s longer organic crop rotation. Prairie Sky Farm's vision is a productive and resilient organic farm that enhances our local food system, allows customers the opportunity to connect with their food sources, and demonstrates the need and capacity for viable organic farming operations in north central Iowa.
Prairie Sky Farm’s vegetable crops are certified organic through Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA), an organic certifier based out of Viroqua, Wisconsin. The farm follows the National Organic Program rules, submits annual crop and land stewardship plans, keeps meticulous records, and has an annual inspection each season. Prairie Sky Farm is committed to its customers by providing integrity of organic growing practices through third-party certification. Prairie Sky Farm also uses mulches, cover crops, and limited fall tillage on all fields to preserve soil.