One Step at a Time Gardens
Contact: Jan Libbey & Tim Landgraf
Address: 1465 120th Street Kanawha, Ia, 50447
Email Address:
Phone: 515-851-1690
About Us
We were drawn to the farm in 1990, located amidst some of North Iowa's most beautiful landscape. Our farming practices hold what we do on the land accountable to this wonderful, ecological neighborhood. Glacial evidence abounds at and around One Step at a Time Gardens! The rolling hills on the farm, rich soils and wet areas are all indicative of the farms’ connection to past glacial era. Located in southern Hancock County in North Central Iowa, we are right across the road from East Twin Lake, a natural, glacial wetland and upland woods complex. Our glacial past shaped and molded this area into one of Iowa’s most beautiful spots!

After 23 years of our own direct marketing and wholesale efforts, we are now pleased to be working with North Iowa Fresh, LLC to continue to bring diverse, high quality products to market in North Iowa. Our focus is on early and late season greens, and later season potatoes, carrots, and winter squash.
We are committed to raising the best, freshest, in-season produce through practices that support the health and well-being of the land, our farm crew members and our customers.
This list of practices speaks to that commitment:
•Production – We practice crop rotation, use of cover crops, compost, and use only organically approved sprays as needed.
•Food safety – we have attended several food farm safety workshops. We have and follow a farm food safety plan on our farm. These practices include proper hand washing, product handling, storage temperature and transportation protections.
•Reliability – Our customer’s relationships with our farm are top priority. We follow through with what we commit to and maintain clear and prompt communication
•Experience – 2019 is our 24th season farming. Our markets include growing product for North Iowa Fresh, LLC and Wheatsfield Coop in Ames. We are one of the founding members of North Iowa Fresh, LLC.