Mossycup Farms (A-La-Cart Producer)
Contact: Laura and Jesse Tidrick
Address: 20573 Finch Ave Clear Lake, IA, 50428
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About Us
Mossycup Farms takes its name from the huge, old mossycup oaks covering the property. Also known as bur oak, the trees drop plenty of acorns with fringed caps that look like “mossy cups.”

Being connected to the food we eat is important to us. When we purchased our farm in 2015, our goal was to raise the highest quality food possible for our family and to teach our kids the importance of knowing where their food comes from. Mossycup Farms is small, and we like it that way. But it has produced well, and we are now happy to be able to offer our products for sale.

Our 10-acre farm just north of Clear Lake, Iowa, was originally a dairy farm. We’ve restored the pasture, buildings, and fencing and constructed a new home for our family.

Using certified organic feed and pasture grazing, we raise heritage breed pork; free-range geese, ducks, quail and chickens for meat and eggs. We produce amazing, pure-white lard for cooking and handmade lard soaps using my grandmother’s recipe.

Mossycup Farms offers products direct from the farm, online, and wholesale through restaurants and grocery stores.
Pasture Raised, Organic Fed, Free Range