Country View Dairy (NIF)
Contact: Dave & Carolee Rapson & Bob Howard
Address: 15197 230th St. Hawkeye, IA, 52147
Email Address:
Phone: 563-422-6109
About Us
At Country View Dairy, we make all natural farmstead yogurt in both Original and Greek style, using the wholesome milk from our family’s own dairy herd which is NOT treated with rBST. It is not from a pooled source of milk, but rather is piped directly over from the milking parlor less than 70' into our creamery the same day the yogurt is made. Can't get your yogurt any fresher than that! We use Grade A pasteurized 1% milk and it is non-homogenized so the cream rises to the top. The Rapson family has been on this farm since 2002 operating a dairy farm and raising their young family. It is very much a family operation. We are excited to be able to offer our products to the folks of Central Iowa by way of the Iowa Food Co-Op. Do not hesitate to visit our website, Facebook page or contact us with any questions.
Our products are all natural-never anything artificial added. We utilize the highest standards of herd management at Country View Dairy. Our Holsteins are happy cows. While they are not grass fed, they are fed a nutritional mix, are able to wander around a very large stall barn and socialize as they please, they are bedded in sand which makes it very comfortable for them and are not treated with rBST.

By supporting local farm families like us you are keeping those dollars in the state and small farm communities around the state. You know where the product came from, typically your food bought in the average grocery store has traveled anywhere from 1,500-2,500 miles to get to you. By buying local you are also reducing the carbon footprint of your meals.

--Grad A pasteurized 1% low fat milk from our herd's own Holstein cows NOT treated with rBST
--nonfat dry milk
--natural cane sugar
--natural flavoring and colors
--lives & active cultures L Acidophilus & Bifidus
The Greek with fruit in the bottom also include as part of the fruit puree the following:
--natural fruit
--pectin & locust bean gum