North Iowa Fresh, LLC. consists of 10 + Producers who have been working together since 2014 to make their high-quality products available to more customers.

Our farms range from Charles City to Belmond, spreading the risk of being impacted by any one bad storm or pest outbreak. We all raise our crops with care for the land and those who work on our farms. Most of our farmers use minimal to no synthetic chemical applications. Many incorporate diverse habitat to attract insects and birds to help with pest control. We are known for our commitment to quality and reliability.

Each farmer contributes what they’re especially good at, bringing our customers the best of North Iowa. This partnership among our farmers and with you, our customer, provides a market we all can rely upon.

Meet our producers! Learn about each of our farmer by visiting their farm pages. Inform yourself about their growing practices, personal stories, products and more! We encourage you to contact the farmers, ask questions and arrange visits.

North Iowa Fresh Mission

To connect our producers and buyers, bring local, fresh, and nutritional products to market, and support the sustainability of local producers.

Our Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality is an assurance that you can count on. Our producers are committed to raising and delivering the very best farm fresh, locally grown products. Because our producers are all from North Iowa, our products are harvested at peak maturity, providing you with top flavor and nutrition. Food safety is a top priority for producers and buyers alike. All of our producers have food safety training. North Iowa Fresh provides annual food safety training to all producer members.

Clear Lake, IA
Nora Springs, IA
Garner, IA
Clear Lake, IA
Clear Lake, IA
Charles City, IA
Clarion, IA
Nora Springs, IA